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Month: September 2010

Notes from an even smaller island…

…hopefully Bill Bryson will forgive the shameless poaching / plagiarism inherent in my using that title (above!), and we can move on to other things – call that a pre-emptive diffusing of flamebait, ok?

Anyway, I arrived in The TRNC – The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – on Saturday evening, on time amazingly after the chaos of the journey, and since then I have been doing very littletm

There has been a lot of spending time chatting with Mum and Dad, there’s been some running, swimming and walking, and there has been some reading and sleeping as well… I really can’t recommend this delightful place enough! Oh no, hold on a moment… No I’ve thought about it and you wouldn’t like it really *wink*.

So far the only deficiency I have been able to spot with the whole arrangement has been the absence of a certain special lady (yes I am referring to Lee-Anne, in case you were raising an eyebrow), but that will all be dealt with on Saturday evening as she will be arriving here, to spend eight days with me and my folks, under the “almost North African, almost MIddle Eastern” sun – hurrah!

Right, I’m off to get an early night so that I can go running in the morning – yes you did read that right, and I’ve not been replaced by an alien…


P.S. I’m thinking of something interesting to say about Milliband the Younger, but so far I’m just stunned by how much he wants to be “not the old guard” and yet how much he sounds like Tony “the hair” Blair when he delivers a speech! Also, what’s wrong with being “Red Ed” as leader of the LABOUR PARTY? Ah well, I guess that there’s a reason that “plus ça change…” is a saying…

Maelstrom 120910 007

Maelstrom 120910 007

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I spent the weekend engaging in Cross Country Pantomime(tm)*, and my good friend Si got a picture of me, in kit, that I not only don’t hate, but actually quite like 🙂 Thanks dude!

* This term is copyright Ian Andrews and is an affectionately laconic term for LARP

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