I have been more than a little remiss… What can I say, life has been a little bit busy, exciting and thoroughly enthralling over the last few weeks; where to begin?

The first thing that came into my life that was new and is now __still__ exciting was the beginning of my new relationship with Lee-Anne. This Friday it will be eight weeks since she and I met up to have a couple of drinks in Jubilee Gardens, by the London Eye on the South Bank. I was unsure as to whether or not this was a “date”, half expecting to be introduced to a handful of her other friends as her new ‘friend’, but she arrived alone, and I was suddenly very glad that I had not invited various others from my work. By the end of the evening we knew that something was “going on”, and it was actually only a week later (well eight days later) when we changed our Facebook Statuses to “In a relationship”, after a magical night in London that I will describe simply as a fantastic and auspicious beginning.

Of course as one thing starts to go right one should expect something else to go a little awry… I was made redundant from Rivermuse (the company I was working for) in early July and suddenly I was thrown into a mixture of confusion and relief, as the fact of my “five year plan” being pulled away from me began to sank in. Still, after taking some time to think and explore my options I made the decision to return to contracting, and so I embarked upon setting up a limited company and finding an accountant. Clearly I was also pursuing contract jobs and juggling calls with recruiters, but all of that whirlwind has now ended today with the start of my new contract position at the BBC.

I am hoping to pay a little more attention to this blog from now on, but forgive me if my intentions don’t match up to the reality…

While I think of it, I shared a Tube carriage with Jeremy Paxman on my way back from work this evening; he was very nice, but then I didn’t “fanboi” all over him, I just smiled and said “hello”… I was desperate to engage him in conversation, but I was rather aware of how pleased he seemed to be that I wasn’t doing that, and so I restrained myself.

Anyway – ttfn!