Well, here we are, I’m finally posting something on (one of) my blog(s), and yet I am really only casting about for favours…

Basically I need a couple of able-bodied, strong and willing volunteers to help me load a van in Reading and unload it in Tunbridge Wells, on Saturday the 16th of July.

I am not going to lie to you, this will be knackering.

On the plus-side, I will feed and water you (within reason, I’m not laying in caviar, blinis and Dom), and if you are interested in meeting my daughter, you will be welcomed to a braai at our house (more food and beer – did I mention that I have good Belgian beer that my brother imported for me last week..?), and offered crash space (with the caveat of there is a baby in this house you may be woken), and a lift back to Reading if that’s where you’ve come from – i.e. you’ve come back in the van with me after meeting me in Reading – as getting to Reading by train from Sevenoaks is a real ball-ache, plus I may need to meet an electrician on the Sunday.

Please let me know if you’re interested.  Apart from the free-food fringe benefits, I will also be in your debt on a personal level, and more grateful that you can imagine – well ok, you might be able to imagine it, but you catch my drift, no?