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Day: March 31, 2011

A little announcement…

…no, don’t get excited, the baby is not coming early – I’m looking at __you__, you know who you are 😉

Just wanted to let it be known that Lee-Anne and I will be in Reading for the weekend.

We have __A LOT__ to do – my flat needs to be made ready for full-on stuff evacuation ahead of minor works and then renting it out, so we are going to set aside Saturday evening for some socialising.

With that in mind, does anyone fancy a couple of hours of banter on the aforementioned Saturday evening..?  I realise that it’s short-notice, but I’ve spent this week feelin’ horribly ill (I’m keeping whoever makes Lemsip in business) and so I wanted to be sure I was getting better before making a firm commitment.  This is the last weekend that we __can__ come over before Peanut arrives, but we may well be back once we’ve got past the first month, so we’ll catch you on the bounce if not on this occasion.

Anyway, hope to see some of you, and in the meantime please pass it along to those that know me / us…


I’m all for Equal Opportunities…

…but this is ridiculous!

I was happy that coming to work at the BBC I would finally be working in an environment that does not discriminate on the grounds of race, sex, disability or indeed anything, but I have to admit that even I am uncomfortable working alongside a Dalek, even if he tried to tell me that he was:

“…past all that exterminating stuff and just really exciting about PHP and Open Source Web Services…”

I mean really, what does he take me for anyway..?


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