Oh where oh where did my little weekend go..?

31 Jan 2011 Maleghast

I have to be honest, I don’t imagine that this is an unusual feeling for anyone out there holding down a full-time job, but I know that both my wife and I were left feeling a little shell-shocked when we realised that it was 1930h on Sunday evening, we had not yet started thinking about cooking and soon enough it would be Monday morning…

We made the best of it, had a lovely meal that was ninety percent down to my brill other half, and ten percent down to me and Knorr…  We then settled down to watch “The Black Dahlia”, Brian de Palma’s confusing and rather rambling attempt to bring James Ellroy’s classic novel of the same name to the silver screen.

By the time we went to bed we were somewhat numb to the Monday morning issue, but morning soon came, in the shape of my first run for ten days (my back is now finally well again, at least as far as I can tell), and by the time we got out of the house and on the way to the station it was clear that neither of us were even remotely happy about this state of affairs.  Now you may say that no one enjoys getting up and / or getting to work on a Monday morning, and I am pretty certain that that is true for ninety-eight percent of the population, but I also think that there has to be another way…

A fair old while ago I read a fantastic article about working four day weeks – you can read it too, here – and I am starting to think that even before we become parents there might be merit in trying to move towards this model for my working week / arrangements, now  that I am working on a freelance basis…  I want to have time to really get stuck into my side-projects, my creative projects and still have plenty of time to invest in my wife and marriage, and in the fullness of time my children as well.  Working five out of seven just doesn’t leave enough time…  Well it’s just a thought – what do you think / do on the subject, dear reader..?

TTFN – hope you had a good weekend and today didn’t completely ruin it 😉


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