What it feels like to be abroad on today of all days…

7 May 2010 Maleghast

Well, at the moment I am not in the UK, and for the first time in my memory I am completely torn about the fact that I am not __in__ my country in the aftermath of this General Election; often in the past I would rather have been out of the country in these circumstances. In 1997 I was unhappy, in 2002 I was still unhappy and even in 2005 I was deeply unhappy; now I am completely depressed. Ever since I have paid attention to party politics in the UK I have believed staunchly in two things; that I am a Liberal and that the electoral system in the UK is simply unfair. As I write this my party of choice is currently confirmed to have received 22.9% of the popular vote which would equate to 148 seats rounded down in the current count of 650 seats in the Commons. How is that fair? Nearly one quarter of my fellow Britons agree with me, that the Liberal Democrats represent our feelings about economic, social, domestic and international policy and yet less that one tenth of the UK population will be represented by a Liberal politician.

This is not fair, and while I realise that I run the risk of sounding like a four year old who has been denied an ice cream, I nonetheless want to say that it is not willful or unreasonable to want my democracy to __actually__ represent me and my beliefs and politics.

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