‘Twas the night before the wedding…

29 Aug 2009 Maleghast

So here I am, in a lovely hotel room, the night before the wedding of two very dear friends, and of course I can’t sleep…

Since my brother’s wedding 3 weeks ago I am feeling a lot more positive about attending weddings; I’ll be honest they had filled me with apprehension since I was left, very suddenly __not__ getting married when I’d rather thought that I’d got all of this stuff sorted out. Nonetheless, despite my continued singledom I am starting to feel a little more at ease with my own life, and I have to say I am excited about tomorrow (or should I say later today), if for no other reason than the two people who are getting married are very dear to me.

Bunny (or more properly, Clare) has been a collaborator, muse, friend and support through some of the most tumultuous times of my recent past, and her fiancé Steve has likewise been a good friend, confidant and sounding board. Not only that, but both of them have been tremendous fun, and that is a gift beyond measure in its own right.

So why can’t I sleep..?

Well, the truth is that I have no idea, so I’m going to nip out for some late-night fresh air and then have another go… I’ve just killed about an hour making a considered and much edited (due to size constraints) response to a series of comments I’d received on a photography forum, having raised a contentious issue… Bluntly, I am saddened by how conservative and parochial my fellow creators can be, but I did not put it quite like that 😉

TTFN, and here’s to a great day tomorrow…

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