Why I love the Internet…

Something happened today that reinforced my love of the Internet, and seeing as it is indeed the perfect example of my “favourite thing” about the Internet, I thought that I would share it with you, dear reader.

I read a web-comic called XKCD, which is in my opinion one of the funniest things on the planet, but it is also something that has broadened my knowledge from time to time… Take today’s strip:

XKCD comic - 19th June 2009

I had no idea who Paul Erdös was when I read this strip, nor did I get the joke, but a little Googling later and I had found the following two links:

Paul Erdös’s Page at Wikipedia


An Explanation of the idea / meme “Erdös Number”

So, you are thinking, I love the Internet because it leads me to the almost accidental acquisition of knowledge..? Well I do love that about the internet, but there is an even more quintessential reason to love the internet, and here it is… If you read the Wikipedia page about the “Erdös Number” above very carefully, you will note that the page has been edited to include that the XKCD comic for June 19th 2009 makes a joke about the Apocalypse and a bunch of mathematicians trying to lower their Erdös Number.

Here is the link with a page-anchor to the specific section

That’s why I love the Internet; the entire store of human knowledge expanding and evolving at a speed just slower than the speed of thought – how can anyone not love that?

Have a great weekend 🙂