Book Review: “Sunken Treasure” by Wil Wheaton

19 Feb 2009 Maleghast

Wil Wheaton __is__ a writer. I know that in this world of celebrity it is easier to say Wil Wheaton is “that guy from Stand By Me” or “you know, Wesley Crusher” but as this, his fourth book, so deftly proves he __is__ a writer.

This small, yet perfectly formed treasury of gems from an Acme Script to a TV Squad review of ‘DataLore’ to a bunch of childhood memories and family moments (particularly the incredibly warm and touching ‘See a Little Light’) Wil once again proves his mettle as truly gifted writer of narrative non-fiction.

I have had this book three days, I have already read it twice; I cannot possibly convey to you how much you need this book in your life, and I am confident that if you take my advice that it will not be long before you have his other books and are regularly reading his excellent blog at .

Bravo Mr. Wheaton, another joyful contribution to the written record of our race; bravo indeed!

The book is available on Lulu – this is the link to the ‘World’ Edition for non-US customers

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