365 Ficlets – Day #268 ~ “Front”

1 Feb 2009 maleghast

“She asked you what?”

“She asked me if I liked the way her pussy looks.”

“Damn! What did you say?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know I love the pussy, but let’s be honest, Bro, there is nothing good lookin’ about that whole area.”

“Are you serious? I love the sight of a pussy, man I love the way they look. I mean I really do think that they are beautiful. I thought that she was asking me ‘cos she’d read some crazy-ass magazine thing about labiaplasty and how men prefer smaller or tidier labia, but clearly it’s not just down to that. How can you not love the way a woman looks man?”

“Labiaplasty! Are you shittin’ me? What do you know about all that shit fo’?”

“I walk around with my eyes and ears open man. I mean this shit has been on the news and so forth. You do watch the news, right?”

“Nah man, that shit is borin’ an’ it’s always the same. Bad shit goin’ on in Iraq or Iran or somethin’ and then the banks is all fucked up and then some kid got clipped in a school shootin’. It’s depressing I ain’t wasting my time.”

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