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Duty Calls

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XKCD for 15/10/2010

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Oh my Goodness me! You’re saying that they’re running the country??!?

Here is a scan of a letter from The Minister for Digital Britain to another MP that has appeared on the internet:

Political FAIL

Can you spot the inconsistency between the stated facts in the letter and reality?

Now, as it turns out I’m not against crackdowns on copyright theft and illegal file-sharing, and the bit of the DEBill that I had issues with has been dropped (Clause 43), but I am still HORRIFIED that the people running the damn thing are so patently ignorant of the subject matter!

I mean, forget that they don’t even realise how utterly absurd it is to think that there are economically viable and yet also provable and reliable ways to stop file-sharing in the first place, and reflect for a moment on how absurd it is for us to have a “Minister for Digital Britain” who either does not know what an IP Address actually is, or perhaps even more unforgivable does not proof-read his outgoing mail.

I despair…

Best one so far…

HTML5 to have a tag for NSFW (link is safe for work btw)

Laughed and laughed and laughed – good job!

I need to remember where I was…

Today, the 30th of March 2010 the Large Hadron Collider at CERN successfully “ramped up” to 3.5 TeV and began to collide for the first time. The results of this day’s experimentation could change the world forever, on a scale that is not dissimilar to the first time that Gallileo first realised that the Earth rotated around the Sun, or the day that Isaac Newton first formulated the law of Gravity, or the first time that Einstein first published his Special Theory of Relativity.

*Fingers Crossed*

After all, finding the Higgs Boson would be useful, exciting and basically insanely cool; Go CERN Go!

(I am / was at work on Webber Street in London – SE1 8EN – working for RiverMuse Ltd.)

I saw this on the Net today…

… and I have to admit I was impressed:

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“I laughed my balls off!”

Devotion to Duty - a Web Comic from xkcd.com

See? I bet you did too 😉


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XKCD Comic on the beauty of Lisp and the reality of Lisp - a sobering duality

That is all…

Wow, there is a lot of hate out there…

So the iPad; I never realised how much hate there is out there for Apple until this product launch…

Before anyone launches themselves down my throat in an attempt to immediately enforce the reality that Apple have finally bitten off more than they can chew and have doomed themselves to becoming a failing business once more with the release of the iPad, I have not made my mind up yet, and I won’t until I can actually get my hands on one. That having been said it is a beautiful looking device:

Apple iPad - Initial Marketing Image, copyright Apple Computer

(The image is also a link to the current iPad section of apple.com)

So what are the naysayers all about?

#1 “The iTampon” – Seriously? The name is __clearly__ a reference to a pad of paper and a nod to PADDs from Star Trek. I mean, ok if you are eleven years old and have just found about menstruation, but otherwise, please get a clue.

#2 “There’s no camera!” – On a device of this form factor? Really? Or is it just that we have got to a place where every portable device that is ever created now HAS to have a camera built into it. If you really think that this is an omission that “kills” the product then you are not thinking about how and where this device is projected to be of use.

#3 “No multi-tasking!” – I have seen __several__ people bemoaning that they won’t be able to listen to music and read an eBook at the same time, but the iPad is running a “version” of iPhone / iTouch OS X, so the one thing that you will be able to do is listen to music AND carry out another task at the same time, JUST LIKE THE iPhone; idiots! Also, again in terms of the paradigm that the device represents, multi-tasking is not as important as you might think; it’s never stopped me fully utilising my iPhone as a connected device for productivity, entertainment and communication, so why would it be a show-stopper for this device?

Basically the iPad is supposed to be a better, more convenient, longer battery-life, smaller form-factor device designed to better attack the need that netbooks have been trying to fill for the last 18 months. Very few people out there are using netbooks as their main machine; they are a stop-gap device that is lighter to carry, allowing email, IM, Twitter, web-browsing and video consumption on the go without carrying a full-weight laptop, but if you need to run Photoshop or DreamWeaver, or Final Cut then just as a netbook would not be the correct device for the job, neither will the iPad be appropriate. For all the rest, for casual connected use and as a leisure device that could certainly be a good “while I’m traveling” business device as well, there is iPad. All the positives of a netbook with none of the annoyances.

Like I said I will wait to hold one before I __really__ make my mind up, but if the iBooks and eBook reading experience are good / easy on the eye I would want one just for that alone, so the ability to wordprocess (iWork, sold separately 😉 ), listen to music, watch a movie and a hundred other things including playing Geo-Defence on a 9″ screen…

And then there is the App-Store; almost 100% compatibility with existing apps and a new SDK for iPad specific development – this is going to be a really great year for those of us that are open to doing some of our computing a new way. In true Apple style, the iPad really is all about “Think Different”


XKCD.com absolutely KILLS, once again 🙂

XKCD.com - 23rd December 2009 - 'Christmas Plans..?'

Hurrah for intelligent humour – long may it reign…