Poseidon’s Folly

On the Minecraft Server that I run and share with my wife and a handful of friends, which is a “Survival Only” server, I am in the process of “drying out” an Ocean Monument and I thought that some of you, dear readers, might be interested to see what is entailed… I’ve not had the presence of mind to take screenshots throughout the whole process, but nonetheless, these shots from the last couple of days of work should give you some sense of the magnitude of the undertaking. For the record, we already have one OM on the server that has been civilised, by another player, and I can absolutely say that it’s worth the effort, in case you were wondering… 🙂

My 15 seconds of fame..?

Today I had a tweet of mine “recognised” by the originator of a hashtag meme, and ReTweeted to all of their followers.

This is not a particularly unusual turn of events, except for the fact that the originator in question was the official twitter account for Angry Birds and the ReTweet was received by nearly half a million follwers… *geekgasm*

Here’s the tweet in question…

(This post inspired by WordPress 3.4’s new feature allowing me to embed a Tweet 😉 )

All Praise The Saucer of Love!!!

It’s entirely possible that I am playing Too Much Spore(tm), but I had to share this with y’all…

Spore Religious Land Vehicle - LoveSaucer - created by Maleghast

It’s for spreading LOVE! 😉