Well, not really a surprise, but glad to see that I am consistent…

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Oh my Goodness me! You’re saying that they’re running the country??!?

Here is a scan of a letter from The Minister for Digital Britain to another MP that has appeared on the internet:

Political FAIL

Can you spot the inconsistency between the stated facts in the letter and reality?

Now, as it turns out I’m not against crackdowns on copyright theft and illegal file-sharing, and the bit of the DEBill that I had issues with has been dropped (Clause 43), but I am still HORRIFIED that the people running the damn thing are so patently ignorant of the subject matter!

I mean, forget that they don’t even realise how utterly absurd it is to think that there are economically viable and yet also provable and reliable ways to stop file-sharing in the first place, and reflect for a moment on how absurd it is for us to have a “Minister for Digital Britain” who either does not know what an IP Address actually is, or perhaps even more unforgivable does not proof-read his outgoing mail.

I despair…

Election 2010…

The General Election is coming – of course it has been called for a date when I am going to be out of the country; why I had even hoped that I would eb able to vote in person is beyond me, surely I know better… Anyway, I wandered over to VoteMatch.org.uk today, and was vindicated in my general belief / assumption that I am closest to the Liberal Democrats, but as you can see below they and I are only a 45% match… When will someone in British Politics start speaking to the issues that I really give a fig about, I wonder..?

My results:

VoteMatch results for Oliver Godby

Why don’t you have a go?

I love April Fool’s Day…

…well that’s not altogether true, but I __do__ love the April Fool’s Day efforts made by the media; for example;

Fake Labour Party Election Poster from The Guardian for April Fools Day 2010

I also rather liked this gem:

CERN in talks with London Underground to use service tunnels attached to the Circle Line for the next generation particle accelerator…

(Thanks go to Paul and El / ellefurtle respectively for these two little happinesses 🙂 )

More proof (as if you needed it if you’re reading this blog)…

…why voting Conservative in the next General Election is the “worst idea evah!”(tm):

Diagam showing Conservative and Labour voting patterns on Gay Rights

Thanks to @nicktelford @amykate @littlespy for bringing it to my attention between them (Twitter Identities all)


With today being the day that Tony Blair faces the Chilcot Inquiry, I was very pleased to say that at least one person in the mainstream press is speaking for me and my views on the subject:

Armando Ianucci

Let me know if you feel this way too…

I saw a hero of mine on the Tube last night…

…but I was “trapped” at the other end of the carriage and rather as expected he got off the train at the next stop (Westminster). Still it was nice to see him and to see someone of his stature using the Tube rather than insisting on a car and driver. So without further ado, Lord Ashdown, on the Jubillee Line:

Lord Ashdown on the Tube

Now, “Back to the accounts!”, so to speak…


Oh the FAIL!

Has anyone else seen the article in the Guardian about a Southern Californian School Board that has withdrawn dictionaries from classrooms because they were discovered to accurately define oral sex..?

Here is a link to the story

My friend Tree found this picture on the internet that adequately sums up my feelings on reading the above:

Double Face-Palm

I thank you!

I continue to be bemused by the world…

Read this:

God is in the details, or at least in your sights…

now look me in the eye and tell me that the article in question did not raise your weird quotient for the day…

Can’t can you?



Give a major charity that is on the ground some money, ok?

You can afford it if you can read this – yeah I’m looking at you…

(Medecins sans Frontières got mine in case yo’re wondering)