Ed and AnneSo

My brother and his fiancée, who feels more and more like a sister as we get to know one another, when I went out for lunch with them earlier this year. I’ve been counting blessings of late, and they definitely are one each and a whole ‘nother one together.

The Freezing Fog – Manchester 2008

The band that my brother is in, The Freezing Fog have just finished recording and mixing their next album. It’s not going to be out for a bit, but they needed some promo pictures, so I offered / agreed to do some for them… Here’s the best one, but if you click through there are a couple more 😉

The Freezing Fog - Release Promo Shots October 2008


Been in Manchester today (and last night) to photograph the boys…

Here is some video-fun from the shoot…


I went back through some old Aperture Libraries this evening…

…and look what I found:

Cathy in the Sheets


Bunny in the Sheets

Hooray for letting time pass and then finding new joy in old endeavours 🙂

Exhibition News, Part II…

Wow… Thanks so much to everyone that came along on Friday evening to the Private View. I had a great time, saw lots of people that I was not expecting and generally had a great time. I had a real sense of pride and gratitude that I have these wonderful people in my life, who all came together to experience my work, talk about it and have a few drinks together. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel right now.

Saturday was quiet, but lovely. I had some people who were just walking by, and some people who made a special trip, including one of the senior Application Engineers where I am working, a former colleague from SpinVox and a couple from my local friends who were not able to come on Friday night.

Shortly I am heading out to see if anyone comes by today; more to follow…

Press Coverage Part One (I hope)…

Yesterday there was an article in the Reading Chronicle about my exhibition. Thanks are due to for transcribing it from the paper; here is the text:

Photographer records the year with portfolio of 366 pictures

A photographer with plenty of focus is staging a unique exhibition of the 366 people who occupied a year of his life.

Oliver Godby, of Kennet Walk, is presenting 366 portraits- one taken every day for a year, of friends, family, and chance encounters with strangers.

The project, which is free to view, will be displayed at Blake’s Lock Museum, on the River Kennet from September 13-18.

The 33-year-old said: “My aim was to take an interesting photo of someone I knew or met before midnight every day for a whole year to create a portfolio which would be as much about my life as those I photographed.

“The original challenge was to find 365 ways of taking someone’s portrait that would give some insight into their character and be an interesting photograph.”

The artist and freelance computer programmer started the project on May 10, 2007 on his 32nd birthday and then realised that 2008 is a leap year and he needed an extra picture on February 29.

The pictures feature subjects ranging from babies to pensioners, photographed in Britain and abroad.

Oliver’s love of photography stems from an old school friend, and from his father Clifford Godby, who is still a keen photographer today.

He said “I am interested is all areas of photography, but my primary focus has always been taking pictures of people. I enjoy event photography of all kinds, weddings, parties, gigs as well as fashion and fine art.

“My hope is to advance my art by taking photographs as often as I can, and one day to make my living doing what I love.”

He hopes to present his exhibition in other places in the UK, and to produce a book, based on the stories of his subjects.

Oliver added: “I am hoping that this exhibition will stimulate people to think about the people they meet every day, and to consider taking special portraits of their friends and family”

Last night and tonight, thanks to the help of some friends who have been more than generous with their time and support, I have hung the show, and now I can say that tomorrow evening I will be opening my first exhibition, and I am so proud, thankful, excited, scared and wired.

A whole year of my life is hanging on those walls… Seems like only yesterday that Heppie and I were joking together about how mad one would have to be to attempt to take a portrait of a different person every day for a year.

I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it, we will think of and toast those of you that can’t, and I will let you all know how it all goes.

Night night all 🙂


Hello again all, more exhibiton news…

Last night jfs created an absolutely killer poster for my show – I cannot tell you how blown away I am by this, it’s just so cool 🙂

Anyway, if anyone reading this is in a position to put it up at work, or you just want a sneak preview of the poster, then please feel free to download and print this:

Poster – Click Here to Download 

Thanks for your help if you print it and put it up – just so you know it’s colour, A3…




A little help from my friends…

Hello all…

I don’t know if anyone on my friends list is a journalist, or knows one, and even then the story is really only local interest in the first instance, but with my upcoming exhibition I am feeling the need to drum up some PR…

I have already sent a press release to all 3 local radio stations and both local newspapers in Reading, plus to Amateur Photographer, but I would like to cast the net wider if I can

As such, could you just have a quick think as to whether or not you know someone in the media that you could schill this to, or even someone who might know someone – you know?

The ACTUAL Press Release is here:

Click to access PressRelease_365Portraits_OliverGodby.pdf

The information about the show and the project can be found at this link:

The Photos themselves are here:

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give…

..::EDIT::.. Can anyone on here help me with creating a poster for the show..? I am crap at these things and could really do with input from someone who is good at this kind of thing…

Travels with my camera… Part IV

So Wednesday came and I decided to ‘finish off’ Fishermans’ Wharf and then ride the historic Cable Car (you have to do it just once). Fishermans’ Wharf is a __real__ tourist trap, but there is a reason, it is really very cool. There are a ton of restaurants there and you can get up close and personal with a Dungeness Crab or two if the mood takes you; they cook ’em up in batches right out on the street like this:

San Francisco - Day #2 - Fishermans' Wharf, Powell & Mason cable Car and The Local Neighbourhood

Anyway, I was there mostly to eat Clam Chowder, from a bowl made of a large sourdough roll – a true San Francisco cliché, but you have to do these things at least once! I wandered around for a while tkaing pictures and trying with no real frame of reference or prior intelligence to choose a good place to try out the aforementioned chowder. In the end I chose Tarantino’s – come on, with a name like that I just HAD to. I ordered the Clam Chowder lunch special and a pint of Anchor Steam and settled back to watch the comings and goings of the smaller pleasure craft and fishing boats that were using the wharf below the restaurant. The food was magnificent, I can’t tell you how good it was, and at $8 I’m sure I paid more than I might have done if I shopped around, but as far as I was concerned it was worth every nickel. If you don’t believe me, check it out:

San Francisco - Day #2 - Fishermans' Wharf, Powell & Mason cable Car and The Local Neighbourhood

Once I’d eaten I wandered around the tourist stores, picked up the cheesiest keychain I could find, as per Kendal’s request, and then headed up to the Cable Car turnaround to join the Powell & Mason Cable Car to get back up to Downtown. When I arrived at the turnaround there was some kind of problem and there was a guy literally underneath it fixing something. Eventually they go things moving again, and I got to see the turnaround crew get the cable car ready for the return trip:

San Francisco - Day #2 - Fishermans' Wharf, Powell & Mason cable Car and The Local Neighbourhood

The ride back up to Downtown was well worth the $5, but I have to be honest I would not recommend the Cable Cars as one’s main mode of public transport if you visit SF – they are just so much more expensive than MUNI and / or BART, and they are always in high demand because of the tourist trade.

Here are a couple more pictures from my Cable Car Ride:

San Francisco - Day #2 - Fishermans' Wharf, Powell & Mason cable Car and The Local Neighbourhood

San Francisco - Day #2 - Fishermans' Wharf, Powell & Mason cable Car and The Local Neighbourhood

Once I had arrived back in Downtown I was pretty tired, still having not properly recovered from the journey in from Canada, so I headed down into the BART station at Powell and made my way back to Kendal and Steve’s place in The Mission.

Travels with my camera… Part III

So, there I was, sitting in Carlos’s on Mission and 24th… While I was waiting fro Kendal I had a Corona and was made to feel very welcome by the people in there – they even offered to let me change the music having worked out that I was more likely to be a Rock fan the guy who was watching the door let me know that the jukebox was an internet one and there would be Metal on it 🙂

So anyway, Kendal showed up, we did the hellos thing and then we celebrated with a really good shot of tequilla, and just had a chat about Canada, her day and that kind of thing. It was cool to discover that we get on in real life too, and it is a fun thing to meet the people that you only previously knew from the internet. We headed on back to her and Steve’s appartment, and after eating my first real American Burrito (a Super Shrimp Burrito no less) we all crashed.

Tuesday morning I was still all screwed up with my body clock, which actually worked out well because it meant that I was able to go out for a walk with Kendal and Rudy, and so it came to pass that I was brought to Phils Coffee on 24th. Now this is serious people, you need to know that though I would strongly recommend that anyone who is planning to visit SF should make the time to go to Phil’s there is a hidden danger. If you drink the coffee from there you will be ruined for coffee from elsewhere, and I do mean everywhere! Tip: If you think it is worth the risk, have the Turkish (with cream and sugar, even if you don’t normally), or the Arabian black.

So, once Kendal and Steve were away to work I headed out into San Francisco to begin exploring. I took the BART to Powell and then on my first day in the City I managed to go straight through one of the areas that Kendal had advised me to avoid – I walked down 5th all the way to the CalTrain. Now I’ve heard that it would have been worse if I had walked down 6th instead, but even so I have to admit that while I was walking it I did not feel threatened, but when I thought back later to some of the things I saw and so forth I did realise that it might have been a good thing that I didn’t have the camera out at that point. So at the CalTrain I crossed to 4th and from there I walked all the way down to South Beach. I stopped for lunch opposite Pier40 at an Italian owned café, which was really cool – I finally experienced an American sandwich, which is truly an expience – I mean as I expected it was more than enough food to last me until supper time. From there I walked down South Beach, under the Bay Bridge and all the way along past the Port Authority to Pier39. The Bay-front in San Francisco is really pretty and interesting, all the piers on one side and parks on the other, and this is a city wil really cool and intersting civic sculpture, like this amazing sculpture of a bow and arrow:

San Francisco - Day #1 - South Beach and Pier39

When I arrived at Pier39 I was bushwhacked, so instead of heading straight on in I sat under a huge tree in this gorgeous little park and just stared and stared at another sculpture called “Sky Gate” (I have a picture, but I have not processed it yet), and enjoyed watching the world go by. Pier39 and Fishermans’ Wharf is basically San Francisco’s biggest tourist trap, so there was every kind of person from every culture milling around, pointing at things, and so forth, but there were also local people walking their dogs and business folk taking their lunchbreaks – it all made for a cool slice of life view.

I wandered onto Pier39 mostly with the intention of going to see the Sea Lions. The Californian Sea Lion is an amazing creature, and Pier39 has a protected, safe ‘drag out’ for them, so you can spend a long time watching them laze about in the sun, going for swims and having little fights with one another. I was really pleased that I had carried my longest lens and my doubler, because without it I would never have managed to take a single picture of them that I was pleased with, let alone this one:

San Francisco - Day #1 - South Beach and Pier39

(I have others, but I think that this is the best)

By this time I was starting to get really tired, so I recouperated in Bugga Gump by having an Anchor Steam (local beer that you can buy at home, but only bottled), and that was a good way to relax 🙂

So, after all of that, rather than burn out on day one, I headed back to the Mission and Kendal and Steve’s place to partake of ‘The Holy Day’, otherwise known as ‘Taco Tuesday’. We had a cool evening, hanging out, eating fantastic Carne Assada tacos, as made by Steve and enjoying some Scotch, which is more than slightly appropriate with Kendal’s Vox persona being ‘Miss Scotch’.

With both of them working and me still beign on East Coast time we called it a night pretty early, but what a great first day; I certainly had no complaints whatsoever.

More later….