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I love XKCD, no really, I LOVE XKCD

You know when people use “lol” and a little part of you thinks “no you didn’t”? Well, I realise that it is hard to believe when someone claims that they did, but I just got some very funny looks in the office, because this did make me, genuinely, laugh out loud (and for a long time at that).

XKCD for 05/10/2012

(Here is a link to the original page)

That is all



My 15 seconds of fame..?

Today I had a tweet of mine “recognised” by the originator of a hashtag meme, and ReTweeted to all of their followers.

This is not a particularly unusual turn of events, except for the fact that the originator in question was the official twitter account for Angry Birds and the ReTweet was received by nearly half a million follwers… *geekgasm*

Here’s the tweet in question…

(This post inspired by WordPress 3.4’s new feature allowing me to embed a Tweet 😉 )

LMAO – From a Retweet of @codepo8



Don’t Drive Angry…

Wishing a happy and overcast Groundhog Day to all my American Chums – here’s hoping that the Groundhog sees not his shadow and your winter can start to end.

Now I’d like to take a moment and say a prayer for world peace 😉

Saw this and had to re-post…

…particularly as the creator provided embed code!

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I still love XKCD…

Duty Calls

See it on the xkcd site here…

I love XKCD so much :-)

XKCD for 15/10/2010

See the comic on the main site here…

Looking for excitement..?

If you are, then why not try cycling in Central London..?

I’m still alive despite the best efforts of one hare-brained driver who decided to not check their blindspot when pulling out into traffic. Said driver not only exclaimed with shock that they had not seen me, but also that they had not noticed that I’d hit them! Still no injuries and the bike is once again unscathed; thank heavens for taking it all very seriously (i.e. being vigilant and defensive at all times) AND for having good brakes!

Boys will be boys

Chiara took this picture of Morgan and I at Knebworth on Saturday – I felt that it needed to be shared further and wider 😉

Boys will be boys

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