I have been shooting models, and especially nudes for about eighteen years, and while I can honestly say I have been doing it mostly for myself, there have been times when I wanted to be noticed for doing it, and better yet for people to enjoy my work.

Over the last few months I have been featured a couple of times by Model Society on the homepage and in one of their newsletters, but I just got an email from one of the admins that really made my day:

Hi there! We’re loving your portfolio, beautiful work! We just added you as one of today’s featured members on the homepage. Thanks for sharing your art and being a Model Citizen! 🙂

Model Society Admin – Email through the site

Finding acceptance amongst my peers has been one thing, and there is no doubt that I found that with the models I worked with, the photographers I met along the way (so far, not done yet) and quite a few people that have enjoyed my photographs. Model Society has been one of the places on the internet where the kind of work I do is accepted with no question or judgement, seen for what it is without any misplaced outrage or sniggering, a celebration of the endless and diverse beauty in the human form.

For this publication / site to single me out in this way really is a huge deal for me, even if it is a niche, niche thing in the grand scheme of things – for me, for what I do a good deal of the time in photography (I do shoot other genres and subjects) this is such an honour and such a positive validation. I really am thrilled, and cannot thank the admins at Model Society enough.

If you think you would be interested in the site I strongly recommend that you check it out, and if you were encouraged to contribute to this fascinating and rewarding area of artistic endeavour, then so much the better.

Here is a photo that was the first of mine that was featured by the site, by adding it to the homepage carousel and to a gallery of the best of 2023:

Tink in Strathard – 2023