Urban Outdoors Nudes

I don’t often get the opportunity to shoot nudes, outdoors in an urban setting, but Dakota really wanted to have a go and who am I to stop her?

These images are the best of a small bunch that we made after our studio shoot for my Shadow Walkers project.

More “Shadow Walkers” Project Work

This last Tuesday I managed, finally, to meet and work with Dakota Snow, a model who is very much on my wavelength, but who I had not been able to work with due to her being based in the US and I in the UK.

She spent a couple of days in and around London and we met up in the middle of her stay to do some studio work and then we even did some urban outdoors work (more to follow on that).

Here are the first images from the shoot, very much another chapter in the book of my “Shadow Walkers” Project. I have one more shoot planned for this year that will include some of this kind of work, and then I am going to take at least an extended break from low-key, high-contrast, shadows-in-the-studio work, but I do feel as though it was a great way to do a shoot in an after-work evening with someone that I wanted to shoot with for quite some time.