Looking for excitement..?

14 Apr 2010 Maleghast

If you are, then why not try cycling in Central London..?

I’m still alive despite the best efforts of one hare-brained driver who decided to not check their blindspot when pulling out into traffic. Said driver not only exclaimed with shock that they had not seen me, but also that they had not noticed that I’d hit them! Still no injuries and the bike is once again unscathed; thank heavens for taking it all very seriously (i.e. being vigilant and defensive at all times) AND for having good brakes!

5 thoughts on “Looking for excitement..?

  1. NikB

    I used to love running the gauntlet in London traffic. Particularly when I got to race the couriers. Cars just don’t care about cyclists.

    1. Maleghast

      Well if you can “run the gauntlet” and survive it, my friend, then my much more conservative approach should pay dividends… 😉

      How’s life Oop Norf, being married etc.? Been too long (heck nearly a year!); what are you up to in May, apart from first anniversary celebrations?

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