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Oh my Goodness me! You’re saying that they’re running the country??!?

Here is a scan of a letter from The Minister for Digital Britain to another MP that has appeared on the internet:

Political FAIL

Can you spot the inconsistency between the stated facts in the letter and reality?

Now, as it turns out I’m not against crackdowns on copyright theft and illegal file-sharing, and the bit of the DEBill that I had issues with has been dropped (Clause 43), but I am still HORRIFIED that the people running the damn thing are so patently ignorant of the subject matter!

I mean, forget that they don’t even realise how utterly absurd it is to think that there are economically viable and yet also provable and reliable ways to stop file-sharing in the first place, and reflect for a moment on how absurd it is for us to have a “Minister for Digital Britain” who either does not know what an IP Address actually is, or perhaps even more unforgivable does not proof-read his outgoing mail.

I despair…


  1. Kat


  2. rich

    IP has meant intellectual property for far longer than it has meant internet protocol … and the minister for digital engagement has nothing to do with technology directly anyway, he’s all about drafting policy to lead the public into the use of online services (Tax, liscencing etc).
    As of now, there is no ‘Minister for IT’ my job would be a shit tonne easier if there were, and you could be sure that she or he would know what an IP address was!

    • Maleghast

      While I broadly accept everything that you have said, and I certainly do not refute the truth of it, just read what you’ve written again and tell me that you are happy with it…


      He’s a fucking Minister! More to the point he’s __the__ Minister for the DE Bill!

      Please, please, please tell me that regardless of any jaded realism, I am not wrong to be offended by the idea that someone who is representing my interests in our democracy, is being paid very well for the privilege (and yes I __do__ see it as a privilege to have the opportunity to follow public service), has not taken the time to learn a few basic facts about subjects that even just touch on his bailiwick? Yes “IP” has been an accepted shortening for “Intellectual Property” for quite some time, but in this letter the Minister (Rt.Hon. Stephen Timms) is re-assuring a fellow MP with regard to the concerns of a constituent in a forum that one way or another is by definition entering the public record – not least because his correspondent (Ms. Emily Thornberry MP) or one of her staff has chosen to share this letter with the World (i.e. the internet) as he might reasonably have expected her or them to do (it’s not marked “Confidential” or similar). In the context of this letter, and more precisely his ‘point’, “IP” cannot possibly be mistaken for “Intellectual Property”, except by someone who is talking off the top of their head, spouting idiocies and making themselves look ill-prepared, ignorant and cavalier. I pay tax, I engage with the politics and affairs of my Nation – I DEMAND BETTER! Or I want my fucking money back – end of!

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