XKCD kills, once again…

20 Nov 2009 Maleghast

I just love this comic…


8 thoughts on “XKCD kills, once again…

  1. Maleghast

    Heya Nick, thanks – glad you like… Can you do me a favour and dump the source from the poorly rendered version in Firefox into a file and email it to me..? I’ve checked on Firefox Mac and it renders fine… Thanks 🙂

  2. NikB

    Actually I lied, it’s still broken but it’s a width issue. Works fine at higher resolution at home but at 1024×768 at work it’s doing the same. Can’t be helped just need a bigger screen.

  3. Maleghast

    Ah yes… I could force the image to be smaller, so that the “liquid layout” could be narrower, but I have to be honest I’m not going to do that 😉 Thanks anyway!

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