“Mr. Todd is not going to make it through the night, I’m afraid Gina.”

Gina looked up as Freddie wandered into the nurses station and delivered this inevitable yet depressing news as he picked up a drywipe pen to update a different patient’s status on the whiteboard. She was a seasoned Ward Sister, she lost patients every week, people too broken to live, but they had all found a friend in Mr. Todd . Every now and again a patient came along who was just playful enough, just enough fun to really grow attached to without their becoming a nuisance, and he had been the latest in a short list over the last couple of years.

“What makes you say that, Fred?”

Gina asked with a noticeable note of concern and worry in her voice.

Freddie shook his head, clearly he did not want to give voice to reason; and yet he steeled himself and answered her;

“He’s been anuric for fourteen hours now and his oxygen sats are dropping as well, we keep having to up his mix. It’s just the end, the end we’ve all seen before. I’m sorry, Gina, I didn’t mean to sound flip about it.”

She nodded and smiled; she understood the need to be “all business” about the ones that they all became attached to.