365 Ficlets – Day #263 ~ “Constructing a Dismissal”

“You need to actually do some work, when you’re at work, John. You know, you’ve got to stop making up excuses for just surfing the Net all day and actually do your work.”

John nodded and smiled. It looked like his strategy of purposeful deriliction of duty was working quite well and soon his well-meaning manager, Tom, was not going to be able to keep his temper about this and there would be an erruption that led to a firing.

“Okay, well I’m glad that we understand each other. I know that it’s hard to concentrate, so just don’t open up any non-work websites. Be strict with yourself and that way there is no temptation to spend hours reading blogs or posting on web fora. I promise you that you’ll find your day goes a lot quicker if you are busy with work as well.”

“No problem, Tom, and you’re right of course.”

John turned and slouched out of the office and back towards his cube, a soft, barely detectable smile on his face. Soon he would be free of this place and without ever having had to be anything but bone idle.

Fame at last!

Well, ok, not fame as such, but I have got my first bit of photographic online fan(ish)-world coverage, as today I am the BLAB Blog’s Tuesday Tog.

You can read the article here

Thoughts, ideas, comments etc. there or here would be much appreciated…

In other news, it will be another week before I have a real picture about what’s going on with my knee / leg, as I need to see a consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital a week today. More news when I have it…