365 Ficlets – Day #262 ~ “My Diamond Shoes Are Too Tight”

26 Jan 2009 maleghast

“The thing is, right, that it don’t seem to matter what I say she still comes at me. I mean day an’night, pal. She’s insatiable!”

“Am I s’posed to have pity on ya? I mean seriously, ‘ave you ‘eard yourself, you prick? You know I’ve not been gettin’ any since Deb left last year, an’ now you want to bend my ear about your old lady hankerin’ after yer cock?”

“Oh, I’m sorry mate, it’s jus’it’s been preyin’ on mi, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, yeah. So, anyway, what’s the problem? I mean you’re not tellin’ me that you can’t get it up or nuffin’ yeah? I mean seriously, you an’ Mish ‘ave bin living together fer six years and she’s still after you in that way and you aren’t ‘appy about that. What’s up wiv ya?”

“Well, it’s not like there’s any problems, ya know, down there, but I get tired. I mean a couple o’nights without the full eight hours in the name of love, and I’m on board, but every night? I’m genuinely knackered, bruv.”

“Well, I can relate to that, but I can’t ‘elp thinkin’ that if it were to change, you know?”

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