365 Ficlets – Day #256 ~ “Counting Blessings”

As the cloud burned off Paul was left with a spectacular, if typical, Alpine vista before him. Even though he would not be taking to the slopes, due to work commitments, there was an undefinable joy in his heart to know that somehow he was actually living the dream that had begun two years before.

It had all started on a cold February evening in Stourbridge in a pub called The Bag of Spanners. As he cast his mind back he remembered that it was a conversation with Daryl about how much he was missing the Alps, despite having only returned three days before, when Daryl made one of his characteristic observations;

“Why the fuck are you not making plans to go and live there you plonker?”

That had really been all of the spur that he needed, and now he was indeed there, and there was no doubt that it had been the right decision. Daryl had, of course, been the most suprised of all. When Paul told him that he had found a job in Les Menuires, Daryl’s entirely appropriate response had been:

“I didn’t mean it yer twat!”


Some people have heard and others haven’t but on day four of my thirteen day skiing holiday I made a stupid mistake at the end of a run (just before the lift) and I have done some fairly crunchy ligament damage to my right knee. I’m ok, just a little miffed and annoyed at myself for screwing up, but I guess 22 years of skiing / snowboarding and just one serious accident is not a bad record, and equally it had to happen sometime…

There is every indication that with some physio, some rest and a bit of care (oh and the purchase of some hinged knee supports) that I could be skiing again next season, so it’s not all bad – hooray for travel insurance!

The accident has not left me with a pressing medical need to be sent home early, so I am marking time in resort, finding the internet when I can and generally just chilling, so at least the relaxation aspect of going on holiday is still being served 🙂

This post is not a request for sympathy, really, just the easiest way to tell as many people as possible at once, but there are a couple of people in Reading and environs that I might need to ask for some bits of help from in the short to medium term – good wine and a place in heaven will be your undoubted reward.

See you all soon(ish) and more regularly online after the 25th of Jan (when I get back home to a land of reliable and accessible internet connections)…