365 Ficlets – Day #254 ~ “The Old Bear and the Old Eagle”

“Why is it that you always want to meet somewhere for a hotdog? I mean, normal people meet for a drink, or maybe a coffee. What’s with the hotdogs?”

Yuri cracked a smile;

“You see it’s like this, my friend. All of my childhood I saw American movies on pirate video tapes; the whole of the party was doing it, so my father was no different, and I always saw that among the many things that really meant America, the hotdog was one of them. When I finally was posted here with the diplomatic corps the first thing I did was go out and get a ‘dog with sauerkraut, mustard and relish and I discovered that I was right; they are fantastic!”

Ted laughed;

“Sell it somewhere else Yuri, I’m not buying that ‘I always loved America’ crap. You were a loyal soldier back then. Anyway, if you’re not going to tell me the real reason about the hotdogs then at least tell me why I’m out here in the freezing cold at eight in the morning, when I could be enjoying coffee and a danish at my desk.”

“Sure. You remember Kiev in eighty-seven, Ted?”