365 Ficlets – Day #253 ~ “Snow Day Noir”

The snow felt cold under his head as his consciousness came swimming back. He felt around the back to see if there was any blood, but found no unwanted stickiness back there and breathed a sigh of relief. He opened his eyes more and slowly he could make out the tops of the tall spire-like trees that were everywhere around the resort, blowing gently in the breeze.

He mentally checked all of his other limbs, starting with fingers and toes and then working his way back up to his own trunk, but he could find nothing untoward. He sat up, half expecting the world to swim out of focus and his head to spin, but all was well. It was still light and he could even tell where he was, although he was not sure how he had come to be there on his back in the snow.

Tentatively he eased himself up onto his knees and then his feet; his balance was good and he felt surprisingly steady. He reached into his jacket pockets and came out holding two surprises. One was a matchbook from Dee Dee’s in town, and the other, a small revolver.