365 Ficlets – Day #250 ~ “I say ‘Pub’ you say..?”

“What do you mean, you think that the answer is Carly Simon?”

Jacob hesitated, unsure whether or not Gavin was taking the piss or not.

“Well, Gav, the question is ‘Which recording artist who has recorded a Bond Theme has also had a romantic affair with Warren Beatty?”, and the only one I can think of is Carly Simon, unless you think that Beatty has been shagging Shirley Bassey!”

Gavin smiled;

“Ok, yeah, you’re right. I just love winding you up on Bond questions.”

Jacob smiled and yet inwardly he was asking himself the same question that he asked every week; ‘Why am I doing this?’

The quiz master announced the next question;

“Which actor played Captain John Sheridan on the TV Sci-Fi show Babylon 5?”

Jacob knew the answer well enough; anyone who had even watched the show whilst awake would know that it was Bruce Boxleitner. Still he wanted to see how badly the team needed him, for all their sport and history knowledge, none of them could touch him anywhere in entertainment. None of them even looked up; they needed him.