365 Ficlets – Day #248 ~ “Aspirational Mismatch”

“What do you mean, you’ve decided that you want to learn to paraglide?”

David just smiled and nodded, employing his stock, enigmatic refusal to actually answer the question. Then after a pause he stood and cleared the plates.

Jennie had started to get used to David’s madcap ideas and fads; well fads was a little unfair as he generally did follow through with his ideas, but still. He was clearly not going to enter into a dialogue about it then and there, and yet unlike his desire to learn a computer programming language when they first met, or the French lessons that came shortly after they moved in together, learning to paraglide added a real dimension of risk to his hobby life. She tried not to see his cavalier attitude as selfish, but she could not help but be hurt by the fact that he did not want to even discuss this with her. He seemed to pay little or no heed to the fact that she would worry about him. What if he killed himself chasing the dream of unpowered flight?

“I need us to talk about this, David.”