365 Ficlets – Day #242 ~ “Admission”

“Come on, you can tell us. Let’s be honest you’d have to be trying pretty hard to shock either of us two!”

Kit sighed and tried to work out how he had ended up having a conversation about unfulfilled sexual fantasies with Sheena and Paul, his two most sexually accomplished and broad minded friends. All he could come up with was two bottles of red wine and perhaps an unconscious desire to share, maybe even to see if they would seduce him. Without really knowing why, he steeled himself and decided to admit something that he thought they were not expecting.

“I’ve always wanted to go down on a man. There you go. I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but there you go.”

Sheena did not say anything, she just smiled a wicked smile and then flashed a look at Paul. He nodded;

“I’m up for it, Kit,and I know that Sheena won’t mind. In fact she really likes seeing me with men.”

“I do, really. Do you still want to?”

Kit nodded. He did not really understand it, but suddenly he was filled with resolve rather than remorse.