365 Ficlets – Day #239 ~ “Bump in the Road”

The cold air outside the club was not helping. When someone had suggested a breath of fresh air he had assumed, as everyone else had, that it would clear his head and make him feel a little better, but it really was not all that useful. For a start he did not have anything warm with him; he’d been expecting to be inside a hot nightclub so he had just worn a t-shirt. As the cold nipped at his bare arms and his nose, not to mention the slightly more insidious cold that was creeping through the back of his jeans where he was leaning against the wall, he tried to decide why he had not simply gone back inside.

Tina was still in there of course, but then he did not really want to admit to anyone that had not already worked it out that her arrival on the arm of his former best friend had anything to do with his ‘funny turn’. It had been months since Rich and Tina had sat him down and been all adult about the fact that they had fallen in love and had never meant it to happen; when was it going to stop bothering him?