Last night I lost another virginity.  Last night I saw Clutch live for the first time and there is likely to be no better live musical event for me this year.

They were truly amazing. Tight, but not clinically rehearsed; loud, but in a good way; rock, yes pure, unadulterated, blues-inspired, stoner-flavoured, sex music from the very soul of the American Dream.  If you have a chance to see them in Birmingham (you’ll already have tickets as it’s sold out), London (be quick!) or the Hard Rock Hell festival in North Wales in early December, or for our friends in the US, all over the country between September and December, then I urge you to see them.  Guaranteed to satisfy, they are one of the great hard rock bands of the nineties and noughties, and right now they appear to be on their very best form.

Find out more here (official site) and here (wikipedia)