“What do you mean ‘This will only work here and now’? You are starting to sound like you believe in magic, Edward.”

Teri had resented carrying the heavy cardboard box that had been in the boot of their car for two days. He would not say what was inside it. All that he had said was that it would all become clear once they arrived at The Alhambra, in Granada. She was used to his impromptu trips; she had even been happy to be asked along for once, but now she was starting to wonder why she trusted him at all. They had arrived in The Court of the Lions and like a change in the wind she already saw a different man in him.

“You will see, Teri. Tonight I am going to release my brother from his torment and then, together, we will see such sights…”

She shuddered, as if a cold hand had touched her shoulder.

“You’re scaring me Ed. What do you mean?”

“Oh you’ll see, but you are right to be afraid; quite right indeed.”

His eyes flashed red, and she turned to run. Sadly the feeling was not only gone from her arms.

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This Ficlet was brought to you by the suggestion for ‘Three Things’ from 8w_gremlin Those three things were:

1. A location: The Alhambra
2. An object: A cardboard box
3. An activity: Losing ones ability to feel

Thanks mon ami – I hope that you like what I did with your inspiration 🙂