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Day: July 12, 2008

Thankyou all…

…for your support since I announced the show for my 365 Portraits Project – I am dead chuffed!

I think it only fair to “come clean” and point out that I am self-funding and self-organising before anyone gets too carried away with their congratulations – it’s not like I’ve been “spotted” even on a local level, but even so I am very pleased to be able to take the project to its hoped-for conclusion.

If __anyone__ thinks that they might be in a position to offer to do some daytime shifts sitting in the space during the week that the show is on (I already have one volunteer), then please let me know.  I should be able to organise crash space for anyone who is prepared to do this, either with me or with decent, pleasant (non-student) folk in Reading, along with me covering their (reasonable) expenses and my ETERNAL gratitude.

More details as and when they become available and of course details about the invitations for the Private View as well.

T’ra for now…!

365 Ficlets – #64 ~ “Ending”

“I don’t know what to say, Sara. I really don’t.”

She tried to smile through her tears as she moved her head to the sound of my voice. I was struck by how odd it was to see her cry; I had not seen her cry since the accident, and her closed eyes with tears seemed somehow unnatural to me.

“I know that you are suffering Ethan, I know you are hiding things from me and I cannot bear that there is this wall between us. You know that I don’t blame you for anything, but since I left the hospital it’s as though you can’t bear to touch me. When you do kiss me, or hold me I can feel your reticence and when I’ve tried to initiate anything more you back away from me. I can’t bear that you are still here because you feel guilty; just go!”

I want so very much to be able to say that my heart broke in that moment, but I felt it lift; as though all of my guilt left me and I was free again. Not my guilt for taking her sight, but the guilt that was holding me to her.

I kissed her forehead, picked up my keys and left.


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