Fame at last!

Well, ok, not fame as such, but I have got my first bit of photographic online fan(ish)-world coverage, as today I am the BLAB Blog’s Tuesday Tog. You can read the article here Thoughts, ideas, comments etc. there or here would be much appreciated… In other news, it will be another week before I have […]

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday was a good day… Congratulations to them both; may their marriage be long, happy and filled with an ever-deepening love. (Many more photos to follow, but I __am__ at work right now…)

Trickle, trickle…

I seem to be getting time to look at / work on about one photo a day at the moment… Anyway, here is today’s offering: I hope you like… . EOT

Learning new things…

I posted some more pictures from Cape Town last night before heading for bed, specifically the pictures that I am pleased with from our excursion up Signal Hill to watch the sunset, and one of my contacts on Flickr tagged this picture: with a term that I had never heard before – Rückenfigur As such I […]

Stolen from a friend on LiveJournal…

This ACTUALLY made me laugh out loud: Hooray for that! . EOT

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