I was put in mind of this today…

…so I thought that I would share it -> Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂

Day #30 – I haven’t posted an announcement for a while…

…but this piece of the prose is very different to that which has gone before, and I would be even more interested in feedback… I hope people will feel free to comment… Click Here …to find the thirtieth piece of writing in thirty days.

Day #23

I realise that I have not been very good at “announcing” my posts daily, but part of that is due to my dreadful organisational skills. While I have been managing (just) to do my word count every day, I have not managed to post or announce that post every day.  Bluntly this seems to come […]

I’ve not been slacking…

It’s Day #21 and I have not dropped the ball – there may have been some close calls, and some failures to post “on-the-day” but I have hit my target (at least) every day for the last 21 – I just wrote today’s 575 words in the last hour… Anyway, here is a link to today’s […]

Day #14

I got a seat with a table on the way in this morning, so… click here if you’d like to know what’s been going on with Henry… 😉

Day #13

I appear to still be going… Click here to find out what happened next… 😉

Day #12 – Time to meet a new character…

I will get back to poor old Henry, tied down in the dark with footsteps approaching; I promise… In the meantime, meet someone new; click here to meet Holly Riley…

Weekend Update…

So the writing continues, albeit with the uploads only happening today.  I was utterly bamjaxed after the river boat antics yesterday – in fact I think that I may have had a little sunstroke – so I have only just got around to putting the words on the blog… Day #10 & Day #11 All […]

Still going – Day #9 is here… BTW it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Here we are – admittedly nearly did not make it – click here for the next installment, and in this one we start to get a little bit dirty… ;-()

Day #8

OK, so this is going well – right?  I mean here I am and I am embarking on the second week, when I was 50/50 within myself that I would get through a week without defaulting on my contract with myself! *hooray* OK, here is today’s offering.

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