I got to shoot at Scott’s Place…

Urban Outdoors Nudes

I don’t often get the opportunity to shoot nudes, outdoors in an urban setting, but Dakota really wanted to have a go and who am I to stop her? These images are the best of a small bunch that we made after our studio shoot for my Shadow Walkers project.

And now in Living Colour…

I struggle to show people anything that I do in colour. I think that overall I prefer black and white images in almost all contexts, but sometimes I see the colour version of something that I have shot and I want to put it out there. So, here are some colour versions of some of […]

Loch Side

Photos from The Second Patr(e)on Gig in London by Amanda Palmer (click to view on Flickr)

The Hacienda Studio – Cheryl Elizabeth

New take on old material…

I was digging out some photos to send to a former collaborator / subject, the lovely Floofie, and I found myself looking again at some of the images that I did not select and work on the first time around. Overall I stand by the choices I had made, but I did find one that […]

Experiments in photography…

A couple of nights ago I saw this when I was out with the dog and snapped it with my iPhone. I went inside and despite the late hour decided to head back out with my best camera and a tripod – this is the result, with which I am fairly pleased, though I am […]

More photos from my shoot with Merrique Sainte

I only managed to post one image from my shoot with Merrique at the beginning of June, so here are some more images that I have posted on the usual photo websites. What with publishing the pictures of Jin earlier in the week I wanted to do a proper job of showing off some of […]

New photography…

While we were in The Philippines I took a break from shooting with models. There were lots of reasons for this, but the main one was that I was not comfortable with pursuing my particular area of interest, specifically fine art nudes, whilst we were there. Now that we are back in the UK I […]

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