“Am I an outlier?” or “I loved Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. What’s wrong with me?”

While I was away in Asia, Batman Versus Superman came out in cinemas. Despite my expectation that it would be a great addition to the DC filmic universe, the reception of the movie was broadly negative. I made my peace with that and thought that at some point I would pick up a cheap DVD […]

Book Review – Split

A couple of people asked me why I was reading a book about divorce, when they saw me reading Split, a book edited and contributed to by Katie West. The simple answer, the one that does not require a longer conversation, would have been that I have followed Ms. West’s career for some time and […]

Open Letter to the Curator of svbtle.com

Hi, I really liked your website. Then you let Milo, this “Walter Mitty”, hate-filled, bitter, over-weening, irredeemably arrogant, fraction-of-a-human-being post on it. His writing makes me sad, and not just because of the subject matter. I fear that one can quite easily detect that he did not complete either of his degree courses, despite his […]

Wow, there is a lot of hate out there…

So the iPad; I never realised how much hate there is out there for Apple until this product launch… Before anyone launches themselves down my throat in an attempt to immediately enforce the reality that Apple have finally bitten off more than they can chew and have doomed themselves to becoming a failing business once […]

Warning: This post may offend (Apologies to LJ subscribers who got it twice)

I’ve come to a startling and yet satisfying conclusion. While a large proportion of my social circle will (I expect) take untold glee in bashing seven shades of shit out of the new Transformers film (“Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen”), I have come to a liberating realisation; it’s not art, so I can just […]

Book Review: “Sunken Treasure” by Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton __is__ a writer. I know that in this world of celebrity it is easier to say Wil Wheaton is “that guy from Stand By Me” or “you know, Wesley Crusher” but as this, his fourth book, so deftly proves he __is__ a writer. This small, yet perfectly formed treasury of gems from an […]

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