I saw a hero of mine on the Tube last night…

…but I was “trapped” at the other end of the carriage and rather as expected he got off the train at the next stop (Westminster). Still it was nice to see him and to see someone of his stature using the Tube rather than insisting on a car and driver. So without further ado, Lord […]

More Shadow Walkers – Finally a Chap!

Hello there dear reader… Your thoughts are as ever appreciated… . EOF

My favourite pictures of this year, by month…

In a similar vein to a post on Livejournal by a friend of mine, here are my favourite pictures that I posted to Flickr of 2009 (so far) by month – i.e. my favourite from each month that I posted to Flickr… January February Posted no pictures – Gosh! March April May June July August […]

New Shadow Walkers Pictures – Shoot today with Ulorin Vex

Your thoughts, dear reader would be appreciated, as ever… Was a great shoot; genuinely can’t wait to work with Ulorin again, and hopefully I will next year 🙂 . EOT

Exciting News!

Well hello there, dear reader… I have some pretty exciting news (apologies to LJ readers who are getting this syndicated as well as the LJ post, but hey-ho) – I’ve been invited to contribute some work to an exhibition being curated by and “starring” the work of Scott Church, over in Pennsylavania… Here is the […]

Thanksgiving, Musquash Style

Despite having to get up in the middle of the night to visit the outhouse, in the rain no less, I cannot remember a more satisfying or peaceful night of sleep than the one I enjoyed that first night on Musquash at Jim and Liz’s camp, Maple Cove. I awoke feeling as though I had […]


For a brief interlude from the ongoing series re my travels in North America I am going to jump out of time and tell y’all about today, in brief. Today I hopped on a train from Penn Station, came to Philadelphia, where I write this, played tourist for a few hours and then came over […]

Some photos…

…as I have not got the time (right now) for more writing. Noel on the Musquash: My First NHL Live Game Niagara – The Horseshoe Falls Niagara – Me on The Maid of the Mist More prose to follow when I have to kill time in airports 😉

For those that asked…

Sarah and I on the Waterfront in Toronto… Can you spot the relevant landmark at all..? 😉

Maple Cove

Friday morning, and after a short sleep in Halifax it was time to catch the bus and head on out a little West into New Brunswick; destination Saint John, Canada’s oldest city. The small queue of people politely waiting to board the Acadian Line buses to Moncton and “Points West”, or Moncton and “Points North” […]

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