More Shadow Walkers – Finally a Chap!

Hello there dear reader… Your thoughts are as ever appreciated… . EOF

My favourite pictures of this year, by month…

In a similar vein to a post on Livejournal by a friend of mine, here are my favourite pictures that I posted to Flickr of 2009 (so far) by month – i.e. my favourite from each month that I posted to Flickr… January February Posted no pictures – Gosh! March April May June July August […]

New Shadow Walkers Pictures – Shoot today with Ulorin Vex

Your thoughts, dear reader would be appreciated, as ever… Was a great shoot; genuinely can’t wait to work with Ulorin again, and hopefully I will next year 🙂 . EOT

Exciting News!

Well hello there, dear reader… I have some pretty exciting news (apologies to LJ readers who are getting this syndicated as well as the LJ post, but hey-ho) – I’ve been invited to contribute some work to an exhibition being curated by and “starring” the work of Scott Church, over in Pennsylavania… Here is the […]

Thanksgiving, Musquash Style

Despite having to get up in the middle of the night to visit the outhouse, in the rain no less, I cannot remember a more satisfying or peaceful night of sleep than the one I enjoyed that first night on Musquash at Jim and Liz’s camp, Maple Cove. I awoke feeling as though I had […]


For a brief interlude from the ongoing series re my travels in North America I am going to jump out of time and tell y’all about today, in brief. Today I hopped on a train from Penn Station, came to Philadelphia, where I write this, played tourist for a few hours and then came over […]

Some photos…

…as I have not got the time (right now) for more writing. Noel on the Musquash: My First NHL Live Game Niagara – The Horseshoe Falls Niagara – Me on The Maid of the Mist More prose to follow when I have to kill time in airports 😉

For those that asked…

Sarah and I on the Waterfront in Toronto… Can you spot the relevant landmark at all..? 😉

Maple Cove

Friday morning, and after a short sleep in Halifax it was time to catch the bus and head on out a little West into New Brunswick; destination Saint John, Canada’s oldest city. The small queue of people politely waiting to board the Acadian Line buses to Moncton and “Points West”, or Moncton and “Points North” […]

Upcoming Gallery Show – 15th -> 23rd September, London.

As usual I am on the last minute with this, but I need to let as many people as possible know that I am re-exhibiting my project 365 Portraits between the 15th and the 23rd of September, in London. Here are a few examples of the pictures… The venue is: 491 Gallery in Leytonstone (East […]

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