A Blast from the Past…

Image of model Shelly Radley in a London Backstreet
Whipcrack away!

And so a new chapter begins…

Over the last three weeks (or so) I have been living a very lovely, if utterly unrealistic, existence. I have been on paternity leave, spending every day with my wonderful wife, our delightful daughter, and our brand new baby son; it may have been hard work, but it has been a real joy as well.

Now I have to get back to reality, as the family bread-winner I have to go back to work.

I have made my peace with the fact that I am not going back to the BBC, where I have spent the vast majority of my working life in the last two years, and even though I am going to miss that place terribly I am really looking forward to the next phase in my career. I am going back into the workplace having agreed to take a permanent position, a calculated move that has been quite a long time in the planning which has been a considered choice in order to evolve my career away from pure engineering and into engineering management. I am going to be the European Head of Engineering for W3Corporate specifically on their Vivastreet brand, responsible for development on their website applications and back-office applications in PHP and Ruby, both in London and looking after an off-shore team in Eastern Europe.

To say that I am excited would be an understatement, but of course I also have all the ‘first night nerves’ that most people experience before starting a new job. In my last role I filled-in for the tech lead, and did a little bit of management stuff as circumstances demanded, so I have confidence that I am ready for it all… Doesn’t stop me being anxious form time to time though.

In a week’s time I will be at Heathrow, waiting to get on a plane to New York; one of the mixed blessings of this new job is that I have to go to New York for three weeks, to sync up with the engineering team over there, learn the codebase and platform and meet with some of the commercial people. So I get to spend three weeks in New York; awesome! I have to spend three weeks away from my little, recently slightly larger, family; not so great 🙁

I intend to catch up on sleep, do a couple of geeky things, and maybe catch up with friends in the Eastern States, but overall I want to make a good impression, get some good work done and get home having, hopefully, impressed a few important people, got my head around the codebase, and come up with some workable ideas as to how to make my mark…

So, if you are in New York between the 23rd of September and the 11th of October and want to catch-up / meet-up, let me know…


Castles in the sky…

I had a lovely weekend with my beautiful wife, this last weekend gone.

We disappeared into the heart of rural Wales, visited castles, hung out and generally unplugged from our hectic life for forty-eight hours; it was marvelous.

Here is a picture that I took, just to give you some idea of the amount of beauty that can be found if you only stop to look…

Image of the view to the North-West from Castell Carreg Cennen in Dyfed, West Wales, at dusk.

Have a lovely Wednesday 🙂

Nudity again; at last!

Last Sunday I went to a photography day to work with four excellent nude models, three of whom I already knew to be excellent having worked with them before and one that was new to me.

Here is “the new girl”, Monika:
Monika - Practice

Please click through to see the rest…

Your thoughts, as ever, will be appreciated…


New Project…

Hello All…

With apologies to LJ readers who syndicate this blog as well and are therefore approaching being spammed 😉 …

I am starting a new photographic project and I am looking for willing volunteers…

I know, you are immediately assuming that I want you to take your clothes off, but I beg to differ – this “work” requires y’all to keep ’em on!

Now it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a catch, so here goes…

I’m looking for couples (real or fake I don’t care, but if you are going to rope a “mate” into this, keep reading before you do), gay or straight, young or old, big / medium / small, white/black/brown or even green… These couples need to be comfortable with the following three requirements:

1. You need to be ok with kissing in public, and when I say kissing I mean snogging / tonsil-hockey / pashing

2. You need to be ok with putting your hands in places on your partner’s body (and vice versa) that __might__ raise some eyebrows, but without showing ANYTHING.

3. You need to be ok with the idea that these images may well end up in a book, or on a wall in a public place and they will DEFINITELY end up on the Internet, but only on my site – they will NEVER be sold / syndicated to any other internet sites. They WILL NOT appear on Facebook; in fact you will have to agree to not post them on Facebook or in fact anywhere on the Net (except online modeling site(s) if you are a model and wish to self-promote with them).

I am not offering any money for this assignment, but I am more than happy to supply one or two images per couple as keepsakes / portfolio material etc…

If this sounds like something that you might enjoy doing and you have a lover / occasional partner / friend who you could do it with then please get in touch.

If you like the idea, but it’s not for you, then please rack your brains for people you know that would be “up for it” who will not have seen this post – it is posted as public in order to facilitate the “pass it on” thing…

..::EDIT::.. For the record I am more than prepared to travel (internationally if necessary) to get this done with people who are cool, diverse and into the idea, so don’t think I won’t come to you if you are in [insert country outside the UK here], ok?

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from some of you…


Falmari returns to the sea…

Falmari Returns To The Sea

I’ve been meaning to blog…

…but life here is so relaxed and slow that I’ve not really got around to it.

Still, in the meantime, here is a taste of the early morning in Girne:

Delta Marina At Dawn

Boys will be boys

Chiara took this picture of Morgan and I at Knebworth on Saturday – I felt that it needed to be shared further and wider 😉

Boys will be boys

Originally uploaded by My reflection

More Shadow Walkers…

Helen - Dark Nudes
Helen - Dark Nudes

Your thoughts would, as ever, be appreciated 🙂

As pointed out by Kathryn…

I have photographed a Bizarre Magazine Covergirl! (To be COMPLETELY CLEAR, the cover shot below is NOT my photo, but the one following is. In other words “I have also photographed a Bizarre Magazine Covergirl”)

Exhibit A:
Bizarre Magazine Cover March 2010 featuring Ulorin Vex

Exhibit B:
Ulorin Vex - Dark Nudes

Go Me!