“Am I an outlier?” or “I loved Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. What’s wrong with me?”

While I was away in Asia, Batman Versus Superman came out in cinemas. Despite my expectation that it would be a great addition to the DC filmic universe, the reception of the movie was broadly negative. I made my peace with that and thought that at some point I would pick up a cheap DVD […]

I cannot wait to see this movie…

Another week…

So, it turns out that I did not manage to write anything here last week at all! What did I get up to, I hear you ask? Oh hold on a minute, I can barely hear you there at the back my one reader 😉 Anyway, the week was a busy one; is there any […]

Warning: This post may offend (Apologies to LJ subscribers who got it twice)

I’ve come to a startling and yet satisfying conclusion. While a large proportion of my social circle will (I expect) take untold glee in bashing seven shades of shit out of the new Transformers film (“Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen”), I have come to a liberating realisation; it’s not art, so I can just […]

Thoughts on the concert I attended on Good Friday…

I went to a concert on Good Friday, at the O2, and on the way back I wrote down my thoughts in a notebook, and I have only now “got around” to writing it up: ————————————– There is something amazing about the power that exists in music. I was four years old when I first […]

Holy Christ!

I just watched the new (trailer 2) Star Trek Trailer on the Apple Site… Click Here to see it too… OMG I __REALLY__ cannot wait to see this… *wibble*

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