Poseidon’s Folly

On the Minecraft Server that I run and share with my wife and a handful of friends, which is a “Survival Only” server, I am in the process of “drying out” an Ocean Monument and I thought that some of you, dear readers, might be interested to see what is entailed… I’ve not had the […]

My 15 seconds of fame..?

Today I had a tweet of mine “recognised” by the originator of a hashtag meme, and ReTweeted to all of their followers. This is not a particularly unusual turn of events, except for the fact that the originator in question was the official twitter account for Angry Birds and the ReTweet was received by nearly […]

All Praise The Saucer of Love!!!

It’s entirely possible that I am playing Too Much Spore(tm), but I had to share this with y’all… It’s for spreading LOVE! 😉 . EOT

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