Shooting at home…

I had a day off work, and a model that I have wanted to work with who told me in advance that she was touring in Scotland came to make art…

Photos from The Second Patr(e)on Gig in London by Amanda Palmer (click to view on Flickr)

Conversations with an Outlaw – Introduction

I had been living in Strathard for about ten months when I first met Rob. I was out on the dam, looking up at the stars, secure in the knowledge that I was alone, when a voice quite clearly and rudely addressed me; “What in the name of blue blazes are you doin’ here?” I […]

The Hacienda Studio – Cheryl Elizabeth

New take on old material…

I was digging out some photos to send to a former collaborator / subject, the lovely Floofie, and I found myself looking again at some of the images that I did not select and work on the first time around. Overall I stand by the choices I had made, but I did find one that […]

Scott Church Legacy 11 Gallery Show (NSFW)

Scott Church (warning link NSFW) is once again hosting his Legacy gallery show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the Mulberry. Here is a link. Anyway, as on a few occasions in the past I have work in the show, the three photographs in the gallery above, and once again I could not be more proud to […]

“Am I an outlier?” or “I loved Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. What’s wrong with me?”

While I was away in Asia, Batman Versus Superman came out in cinemas. Despite my expectation that it would be a great addition to the DC filmic universe, the reception of the movie was broadly negative. I made my peace with that and thought that at some point I would pick up a cheap DVD […]

Most recent shoot…

Experiments in photography…

A couple of nights ago I saw this when I was out with the dog and snapped it with my iPhone. I went inside and despite the late hour decided to head back out with my best camera and a tripod – this is the result, with which I am fairly pleased, though I am […]

Book Review – Split

A couple of people asked me why I was reading a book about divorce, when they saw me reading Split, a book edited and contributed to by Katie West. The simple answer, the one that does not require a longer conversation, would have been that I have followed Ms. West’s career for some time and […]

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