I got to shoot at Scott’s Place…

Shadow Walkers – Valentina

Shadow Walkers – Lilith Etch

I have an ongoing project about shadow, light, darkness and form, and yesterday I had the good fortune to add to it with Lilith Etch. Here are some photos from the shoot;

Lilith Etch – Strathard 2018

Once again I have been lucky enough to arrange to work with a fantastic, nay World Class, model in the beautiful surroundings of my home in Strathard in the West Highlands. Lilith Etch is a Swedish model and artist who splits her time between working as a travelling model and working in Sweden and Denmark […]


The key grinds in the lock, but I am reassured by the agent, in the email, that I should expect this and that the key will turn. I push a little harder and after more troubling sound effects the barrel turns. I feel the bolt pull back and the door springs inward about an inch, […]

Urban Outdoors Nudes

I don’t often get the opportunity to shoot nudes, outdoors in an urban setting, but Dakota really wanted to have a go and who am I to stop her? These images are the best of a small bunch that we made after our studio shoot for my Shadow Walkers project.

More “Shadow Walkers” Project Work

This last Tuesday I managed, finally, to meet and work with Dakota Snow, a model who is very much on my wavelength, but who I had not been able to work with due to her being based in the US and I in the UK. She spent a couple of days in and around London […]

And now in Living Colour…

I struggle to show people anything that I do in colour. I think that overall I prefer black and white images in almost all contexts, but sometimes I see the colour version of something that I have shot and I want to put it out there. So, here are some colour versions of some of […]

Loch Side

Working from home…

One of the great joys of living in the middle of nowhere, and more importantly a middle of nowhere that offers unparalleled natural beauty is that I have the opportunity to finally do more shooting out of doors. Last summer I was lucky enough to meet and work with one of the finest models I […]

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