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So I started playing Minecraft again, and I am enjoying it much, much more than I did last time and I think that this is both because I have embraced the way in which I can treat it as a casual game and still have fun and achieve things.

I am playing Multiplayer on DakkaDakka, courtesy of a “vouch” from a friend, and that’s a different experience again, but on my current Single Player game I have decided to do two things

  1. Build an incredible mountain fastness with exciting dungeons of adventure beneath
  2. Move the map as it currently is “up” to Minecraft Realms so that I can share it with select friends and essentially have my World backed up “in the cloud” without having to admin an MC server, which while I am sure I could manage represents time that I could spend branch mining or looking into how to get into the Nether. Yes I am that much of a n00b

Anyway, here are some pics from my soon-to-be Realm, let me know if you would be interested in logging on every now and again and helping me civilise the place 😉

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  1. I see what you mean about the tower. 🙂

    Might have to look into Realms … do you know offhand if it can support mods or if it’s vanilla hosting only? Also what is the draw of Realms over using another company (eg. https://cubedhost.com/ ) to host?

    1. The plan with the tower is to make it a lot more imaginative and interesting over time, but for now I just needed something that would tell me where I was from a reasonable distance away without having to make a compass or over-use F3.

      I basically plan to turn the entire mountain into a gigantic castle over time. 😀

      My understanding of Realms is as follows:

      1. Pure Vanilla only, but immediately supports latest stable version.

      2. The draw is effort free admin-ing on my part, for less money (just) than Cubed though I guess I could be persuaded to consider a non-Mojang solution seeing as I am confident that I more than have the Linux / Unix sysadmin chops to handle it, I am just being lazy 😉

      There is a good faq here -> https://minecraft.net/realms/faq

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