As a self-identified Geek, Writer and Photographic Artist, my interests and activities vary wildly from perceived stereotypical norms for any one of these three groups.? This blog is an attempt to find one home for the part of me that loves to write code, along side the part of me that loves to make up stories and the part of me that loves to take pictures, I hope you enjoy reading it…

All the best,

365 Portraits - Appendix A ~ A Portrait of the Artist, by the Artist on day #367

C. Oliver Godby – Photographer, Geek; Dancer and Freak…

P.S. You can email me at this address (it’s been a little mangled to stave off the spam-spiders, but I’m sure that you can work it out… 😉 ) – oliver # techno-mage . co . uk

P.P.S. My Blogger Code is: B9 d++ t+ k s- u- f+ i+ o+ x+ e+ l+ c-

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